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The Perfect 31 Nights of Halloween Movie List

Oh how we miss the days of ABC Family's 31 Nights of Halloween! Well we got your covered! From cute and spooky to horror fanatics and gore, we have the ultimate line-up of Halloween movies you NEED to watch. There's a nice mix of classic horror, adorable Disney Halloween movies and perhaps some movies on Netflix you've never heard of! And no repeats or sequels!

Each Halloween movie is listed with an alternative. So if you prefer more gore and horror over cute and spooky, pick the later. At this rate, you have 2 whole months of spooky movies to watch! Let's get into it:

Sunday, October 1

Hocus Pocus


Monday, October 2


Pet Cemetery

Tuesday, October 3



halloween movie the addams family
Halloween movie, The Addams Family

Wednesday, October 4

The Addams Family

Megan is Missing

Thursday, October 5

Hotel Transylvania


Friday, October 6

Casper Meets Wendy


Saturday, October 7



halloween movie chucky in child's play
Chucky from the Halloween movie Child's Play

Sunday, October 8

The Haunted Mansion

Child's Play

Monday, October 9

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare on Elm Street

Tuesday, October 10


The Exorcist

Wednesday, October 11

Corpse Bride

The Conjuring

halloween scary movie scream ghostface
Ghostface, the killer from the Halloween movie Scream

Thursday, October 12

Scary Movie


Friday, October 13

Monster House

Friday the 13th

Saturday, October 14

Bride of Chucky

The Platform

Sunday, October 15

Harry Potter


Monday, October 16

Montser's Inc.

The Ring

johnny depp as edward scissorhands in tim burton hallloween movie
Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands in this classic Tim Burton Halloween movie

Tuesday, October 17

Edward Scissorhands

Texas Chainsaw

Wednesday, October 18


Trick ' r' Treat

Thursday, October 19


As Above So Below

Friday, October 20


The Human Centipede

Saturday, October 21



Sunday, October 22

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Shining

Monday, October 23

Shrek Halloween

Children of the Corn

elvira the mistress of the dark
Elvira the Mistress of the Dark is a horror comedy Halloween movie

Tuesday, October 24



Wednesday, October 25

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

It Follows

Thursday, October 26


The Sadness

Friday, October 27

The Little Vampire


Saturday, October 28

Alice in Wonderland

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Sunday, October 29

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

The Grudge

Monday, October 30

Little Shop of Horrors

Blood and Honey

mike myers halloween slasher scary movie
Michael Myers, the killer from the movie franchise Halloween.

Tuesday, October 31

The Great Pumpkin


We hope this horror Halloween movie list keeps you busy over the next few weeks! What's your favorite Halloween movie?

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