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7 Spooky Places to Travel to in America

Calling all spooky seekers and dark tourists! If you love Halloween, then you need to add these spooky places to your bucket list! From ghost tours in Savannah to witch trials in Salem, these are the best spooky towns to visit in America:

1. Salem, Massachusetts Historic witch trails, Hocus Pocus filming locations and lots of magical shops and restaurants make this spooky little town North of Boston one of the best places to visit. Halloween holiday is packed here! It's definitely better to visit in August or September!

2. Old Wethersfield, Connecticut A quaint main street, a spooky cemetery, a scarecrow festival, and a secret cove are just some of the things you'll find in this historic colonial village. Did you know Wethersfield was the first town in America to hold the infamous witch trials? Check out this spooky cemetery shot by paranormal explorer: @mybloodygalentine!

spooky travel connecticut
Old Wethersfield Cemetery by @mybloodygalentine

3. Sleepy Hollow, New York Home of the famous Headless Horseman, this spooky town is sure to give you a thrill. Check out the Dutch Church and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. There's more restaurants and shops 15 minutes south in Tarrytown. The @grimwitch_ looks hauntingly beautiful in this shot!

spooky travel new york
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery by @grimwitch_

4. Savannah, Georgia The amount of spirits that roam this town is crazy, and I ain't talking bout the whiskey and bourbon! From the Bonaventure Cemetery to the ghost tours on Civil War sites and plantations, Savannah is one of the spookiest and charming cities in the South.

spooky travel cemetery
Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah

5. New Orleans, Louisana Spooky cemeteries, gators and voodoo and hoodoo make New Orleans one of the spookiest places to visit in America. Try your hand at a ghost tour, if you prefer treats over tricks, than most definitely try their famous beignets. @fortheloveofoldhouses spots one of the spookiest mansions in New Orleans: The Kraken House!

spooky house new orleans travel
The Kraken House by @fortheloveofoldhouses

6. Hell, Michigan Go to Hell! No, literally you can visit Hell! Welcome to Hell, Michigan. There's a hell-themed saloon and ice cream restaurant, as well as quirky museum, tourist trap pics, camping, biking and cozy Airbnb's. An hour west of Detroit, this spooky town of Hell may be one you want to check out!

spooky travel detriot
A glamping spooky Airbnb in Hell

7. St. Helens, Oregon If this town looks familiar it's because you may have seen it in Disney's Halloweentown movie series. @travelportland captures all the iconic Halloweentown scene! You can visit the seasonal Spirit of Halloweentown event venue. There's plenty of shops, restaurants and breweries. As well as Bella Swan's house from the hit book and movie series Twlight!

spooky travel pnw halloweentown
A cute and spooky scene from Disney's iconic Halloweentown movies by @travelportland

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