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Everything He's Never Done

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

My new love has never hit me.

I repeat:

My. New. Love. Has never hit me.

He has never curled his hands into a fist and taken it out on stone walls.

He's never lied, manipulated or even named called.

My new love has never cheated

No, he has not sought the gaze of another.

Instead he helps me fight my insecurities,

and fills my heart with wonder.

He has never sent me flowers after putting his hands around my throat

Or half-assed wrote "I'm so sorry for hurting you" apology notes.

My new love has never gas-lit

No, his words are never filled with blame

He'd rather hold my hand and talk things out

I swear he's my twin flame.

He has never screamed, or yelled, or cursed

In fact, him raising his voice would be a first.

My new love has never stolen anything

No, he is not a thief

Everyone should have a Dan

But that's just my belief

He's never abandoned me or left my feelings ignored

He's never ghosted or "played games" when he is bored

See I was starting to get hopeless.


That I was doomed to be alone

But I'm here today

Just to say

I love my Dan.

And I hope you all find your own.

I haven't written poetry in years. Always heavily inspired by my boyfriend Dan, I realized something. It took some time for me to love again. Leaving violent relationships are no joke, and I can't believe it took me 3 years to find Dan. Sometimes I get mad at him and tell him I wished I met him earlier. Anyways, just some sappy little feelings that I hope resonate to some of you on the difference between healthy and unhealthy love.

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